First of all, congratulations to you mama! 

Whether this is your first or fourth baby, you are amazing! 

Pregnancy is truly a beautiful, incredible gift but let’s face it,

it’s hard! If you are early on, we hope you aren’t feeling too sick

and if you are further along we hope you aren’t too uncomfortable

and are getting some sleep! Soon your sweet, sweet baby will be

here and this will all be a happy, little memory!


Maternity photos are an increasingly popular trend and a beautiful

way to remember this special time in your life. We know that you

may not feel your best and there are days where you probably couldn’t

even imagine wanting to take pictures! We totally get it, but trust us,

you are nothing but beautiful and we will make sure you look and feel

fabulous so you will remember this moment forever!


Our recommendation for maternity photos is somewhere

between your 7th and 8th month if possible.


Sessions are usually between 60 and 90 minutes. 


Many mamas choose to go solo for their maternity pictures, however

you are welcome to include dad and your other children to the session.

Mom may be photographed in up to 3 different looks. 


Very often our moms-to-be choose to be photographed without clothing 

for one look. For moms who would like the intimate look of a nude photo,

but are not entirely comfortable with the idea of being completely naked

we recommend  bringing square cut panties or comfy, black yoga pants 

and a bandeau for on top.  Also, keep in mind that we have lots of beautiful

fabric that when strategically placed, can create a truly elegant image.


Some other super cute ideas that work great for a more covered up look; 

Long dresses are very flattering and easy to work with.  Wear one of dad’s

shirts, whether that’s his old football jersey or a nice button up shirt. It’s

definitely a cute way of including him in the photos. 


A little maternity outfit can be pretty adorable too. Oddly enough, tighter

shirts works better than looser ones.  We want to show off that adorable 

 belly! Loose clothing will only make you look big and not necessarily pregnant.

We have tons of great outdoor backgrounds so even if it’s a chilly winter day,

bring a cute coat, some gloves and a little hat for some fun outdoor pics.  


Accessories really add a little something to a photo.  A lot of moms don’t

think to get all glammed up when they’re 8 months pregnant (we don’t blame

you)! Some over the top earrings, a fun necklace or some chunky bracelets

bracelets look great in maternity portraits.


Props…Have you already started a pregnancy journal or picked out your little

pumpkin’s first shoes?  Of course you have!  If you have a special something 

you’d like to incorporate into the photos, bring it!  We’ll come up with a unique

way to use your props in the photos.


When in doubt, bring it!  We’ve seen it all and will help you during your session!