“I loved how nice everyone was! The photographer was very professional and personable, the girls at the front desk were so sweet, and even random staffers walking by were friendly. We felt so comfortable there. And the studio is just gorgeous!” ~Mom

“I loved how upbeat everyone was! From the start of my session to the end, the staff at Vision made me feel energized and ready to be photographed. And the selection process was a breeze! Thanks Vision!” ~Taylor

“I loved everything! Everyone as Vision is so helpful and fun. I always feel like I walk into a giant family when I get there! Since day one I have never had any issues with Visions. My photographer was a blast to shoot with! She understood exactly what I was going for — and took me down that path! I had so much fun during my shoot, we even had an incident where I literally almost fell off the tire swing because the light reflector I was holding blew into my face. Sarah made me feel at ease about it by laughing with me and using it as a potential picture shot. My Vision experience was awesome ;)” ~Geoa

“All of the Vision staff are warm, friendly, and sweet, and the studio is just plain gorgeous! The atmosphere was perfect and I’m in love with how my pictures turned out! I’m so glad that my senior pictures will forever be a fun memory! :)” ~Catherine

“I loved how they made Cara feel so comfortable and how personable everyone at the studio was! They also listened to all my input during pictures :)”  -Mom

“I’m so glad I chose Vision for my senior pictures! The model program was so much fun and when the time came to take my senior pictures, I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! I felt so comfortable, had so much fun and they turned out great!!”  ~Cara