“There were a lot of fun scenes to choose from, that was great. The photographer did a great job of picking which background would go best with what I was wearing, that made either my eyes or what I was wearing really pop! The photographer also did a great job of getting me to “perk-up” when I was getting bored or tired of constantly smiling, she was funny and just by talking a little she could get me to loosen up and flash a “real smile” that she captured without fail. Well done all around!” ~Kate

“My photographer was amazing! He knew how to make me comfortable and how to put me in positions that really flattered me; positions that didn’t look too posed or cheesy. Everything else at Vision was just run so smoothly, I couldn’t ask for better people, setting, or pictures! Thanks Vision!!” ~Jordan

“The staff was warm, friendly & helpful. The photographer was fun & helped my daughter have a great time for her Senior photo shoot. The photos all turned out beautiful!” ~Mom

“I had a really good time for my Senior photo shoot. The photographer was great & my photos turned out amazing!
Thank you so much Vision!” ~Justine

“I loved the Vision staff. You guys are all so friendly and made me feel so comfortable! I also love the new studio. There are so many different backgrounds and the outdoor space is amazing. You guys also take great pictures! I have never been dissapointed in the pictures you guys have taken for me! Vision is definitley the best photography studio! Thank you so much for my senior pictures!” ~Cierra

“I loved how nice everyone was,I was a little nervous but everyone made me feel so welcome! I had a blast! And the photographers are so funny!” ~Natalie

“You guys were so amazing! I felt so comfortable and relaxed during my session. My photographer was so much fun, I bonded with him and he made me laugh and made this all a fun experience.” ~Brock